July 19th Fine Tuning Update

In this Fine Tuning Update we're sanding off some of Turtle's rough edges, as well as fixing a few other issues that have been lurking for a while.


  • Fixed bug where the Shield would sometimes not award XP correctly
  • Fixed bug where the Shield could be placed inside an MG
  • Fixed bug where the Shield did not properly block damage from the owner's C4
  • Fixed bug where the Shield appeared too opaque when viewed through IR Goggles
  • Fixed bug where the Shield would make enemies too difficult to see when viewed through IR Goggles
  • Fixed bug where a Healing Pulse could heal through enemy Shields
  • Fixed bug where the Shield's pulsing effect was not visible on minimal graphics
  • Fixed bug where Turtle’s V-Says that did not have VO were not greyed out
  • Fixed bug where friendly explosives did not damage the Shield on friendly fire servers


  • Fixed bug where players would receive negative suicide XP for enemy-inflicted damage
  • Fixed bug where melee weapons were inconsistently registering hits
  • Fixed bug where melee weapons would not register a hit if touching a wall beforehand
  • Fixed bug where a player could get stuck in the item throwing animation until their reserve was depleted
  • Fixed bug where the incorrect enemy weapon could appear after being killed


  • Numerous small visual, text, audio and collision fixes


  • Fixed bug where clients could crash upon joining servers at the end of match
  • Fixed bug where players in Ranked could sometimes be forced to play a completed match again


  • Fixed bug where Turtle's PDA showed "Click to Continue" even after players had seen the help screens
  • Fixed bug in Ranked where disabled Mercs did not have a distinct border

Let us know what you think on the Official Forums!

The Shell Shock Update

The Shell Shock Update

Join Turtle in a three week event that will shape Proxy's future, as he also finds, builds and fits her the best cybernetic eye money can buy.

New Merc: Turtle

Old friend Phoenix has coaxed Turtle from his base in Istanbul, Turkey.

An engineer with a relaxed approach to life and giant generator on his back, Turtle bolsters the defensive capabilities of his team in spades. His Laser Shield blocks enemy fire while letting the team shoot right through, providing a cool upper hand in many battlefield scenarios. He's also an objective specialist, repairing faster than you'd expect from someone with his namesake.

New Objective Map: Vault

Jackal have unlocked the secrets of the Holodrive, unearthing detailed schematics of the Containment Shield's power systems. To overload those systems, the first port of call is a giant CDA vault storing two backup Power Cores in central London.

In this three-stage Objective and Stopwatch map, Jackal need to disrupt an AA Command Centre, destroy the vault doors with C4, and then deliver the two Power Cores to the awaiting chopper.

Click Here

Shell Shock Event

Turtle has promised Proxy the best cybernetic eye on the market. Which eye that is, is up to you.

Shell Shock is a three week event that has you earning Limited Edition content as you influence the MercSERV stock market to determine Turtle's final decision.

The Shell Shock event will take place on the following dates:

  • London (GMT, UTC): 11:00, Tuesday, July 11th - 11:00, Tuesday, August 1st
  • Los Angeles (PDT): 4:00 AM, Tuesday, July 11th - 4:00 AM, Tuesday, August 1st
  • Sydney (AEDT): 9:00 PM, Tuesday, July 11th - 9:00 PM, Tuesday, August 1st

Shell Shock Loadout Cards

Limited Edition Shell Shock Loadout Cards can be earned during the course of the event, in any of the three Branded Equipment cases, random drops during play, and through purchasing Shell Shock Elite Cases.


Earn this limited time currency simply by playing in matches, or pick up bundles of them in the Store.

From playing in matches, 0.1 of the Base Fee of Credits you earn will be equivalent to the number of Hexads you earn.

Buy With Hexads

Cyber Eye Event Case

This case will unlock some time after the conclusion of the event, and will contain a random Limited Edition Proxy Loadout Card that includes her new cybernetic eye.

Shell Shock Equipment Cases

Three variants of Equipment Case can be purchased through the event, featuring three different Corporations. Buying Equipment Cases increases that Corporation's share value, bringing the cost of that case up and the others down. The most popular Case at the end of the event will determine the style of Proxy's final cybernetic eye.

TRIFOLD Equipment Case

TRIFOLD aren't pissing around. This military equipment supplies corp stands for nothing less than full-blown firepower and strength. Subtlety isn't in their dictionary, but they do know their audience.

Purchase a TRIFOLD Equipment Case for a 1% chance of scoring a Shell Shock Loadout Card for one random Merc, and to push Turtle's final decision in their favor.

CoreSEC Equipment Case

CoreSEC are a major subcontractor for the CDA's low-level security operations. 'To Protect and Serve those who Protect and Serve' is this defense focused corporation's motto.

Purchase a CoreSEC Equipment Case for a 1% chance of scoring a Shell Shock Loadout Card for one random Merc, and to push Turtle's final decision in their favor.

GH Equipment Case

GH Research is big pharma writ large. They're a hugely successful biotech and medical science outfit, with many fingers in many different pies. Purchase a GH Equipment Case for a 1% chance of scoring a Shell Shock Loadout Card for one random Merc, and to push Turtle's final decision in their favor.

Drop Booster

Shell Shock Event Cases, guaranteeing a Shell Shock Loadout Card, will randomly drop to lucky players in matches throughout the event. Improve your chances of getting one with boosters, which can be stacked to increase them further, but are consumed when a Shell Shock Event Case does drop.

For a full run-down on the event, check out this video!

Buy in the Store

Shell Shock Obsidian Pack

Pick up Turtle at the same time as a Limited Edition Obsidian Loadout Card, complete with a mohawk and... yes... a turtleneck sweater. Only available in Store until the 1st of August.

Hexadic Trinket

Want to make the most of the Shell Shock event? Equipping the Hexadic Trinket will not only give you 50% extra Hexads for every match you complete, but boosts the Hexad earnings of ALL players in your matches by 5%!

These stack up to an additional 50%, so the more players have them equipped, the more everyone will earn!

The Hexad Trinket also has a custom inspect animation, and is highlighted in the Obituaries when you make kills.

Shell Shock Comic

Click Here

Over the next three weeks, the story of Turtle, Phoenix, Proxy and the Holodrive will unfold.

Catch the first part here, and tune in on the 18th and 25th of July for the rest of the story.


From today, Dome has been removed from 'Quick Join' and 'Server Browser' servers and is now only available to be played in 'Ranked' matches. It's going to be receiving a bit of a make-over in an update to come and we'll share more on it closer to that time.


A selection of new achievements have been added for you to work towards and earn.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed bug where players would be penalized due to inactivity during a 'Pause'
  • Fixed bug where estimated queue time showed a longer time than it should have
  • Fixed bug where estimated queue time was not visible when searching with a custom map selection
  • Fixed bug where text would overlap when a Ranked Season 3 case dropped


  • Fixed bug where Proximity Mines could be placed and transported on carryable objectives
  • Fixed bug where the health regeneration timer expired when incapacitated
  • Fixed bug where reviving incapacitated team mates using the Quick Ability 2 button gave ~16 % more HP than using the 'Interact' button
  • Fixed bug where it was not possible to switch to a melee weapon after deploying a deployable
  • Fixed bug where weapons could fire without pressing the 'Fire' key
  • Fixed bug where it was sometimes difficult to place deployables on elevated surfaces
  • Fixed bug where deployables could be reclaimed through walls
  • Fixed bug where deployables would not disappear when a player changed teams


  • Fixed bug where Obsidian Operative Fletcher's sunglasses looked grained on minimal graphic settings
  • Fixed bug where Bushwhacker's defusing animation was an incomplete loop
  • Fixed bug where Obsidian Operative first person view-arms would show with a non-Obsidian Operative Loadout Card
  • Fixed bug where the Battle Hardened Trinket's obituary flair was misaligned
  • Fixed bug where Ranked Season 2 Trinkets did not shine correctly



  • Fixed bug where Proximity Mines could be placed inside the final carryable objective


  • Fixed bug where secondary objective generator doors in Dockyard had no audio
  • Fixed bug where 'Wreckage' was misspelled

Chapel, Dome and Trainyard

  • Fixed bug where it was possible to plant on a secondary objective after the primary has been completed


  • Fixed bug where players received negative XP for suiciding when pressing 'K'
  • Fixed bug where no message was displayed when attempting to Craft a Loadout Card without sufficient Credits
  • Fixed bug where some abilities' tooltips were cut off on lower resolutions
  • Fixed bug where rewards from Arsenal Crates were not highlighted
  • Fixed bug where post-game lobbies and end-game screens displayed different XP scores
  • Fixed bug where players earned too much Mission XP when playing Stopwatch
  • Fixed bug where 'Sign-In' failed on certain routers

Known Issues

  • Issue where a server can crash when a player connects
  • Minor graphical issues on 'Vault'
  • Some translations for event content are missing

All of these will be fixed in an upcoming update!

The Great Turtle Obsidian Pack Giveaway! - NOW OVER!

The Great Turtle Obsidian Pack Giveaway has now ended!

With Turtle's release imminent we're giving you the chance to win both the Merc himself AND his release Obsidian Loadout Card!

To enter the competition just follow this link, where you can decide how to increase your chances of winning. Competition has now ended.

Extra Credits Weekend - Now Over

From Thursday until Monday, get 50% extra Credits in every match you play.

Credit Boosters double the boosted rate, so if you activate one, you'll get 3x the base Credit amount through the entire event!


  • London (BST, UTC+1): 15:00 Thursday, June 29 - 11:00 Monday, July 3
  • Los Angeles (PDT, UTC-7): 07:00 Thursday, June 29 - 03:00 Monday, July 3
  • Sydney (AEST, UTC+10): 00:00 Friday, June 29 - 20:00 Monday, July 3


If you earned 200 Credits in a match normally, this weekend you'll earn 300 instead. THEN if you had a Credit Booster that gets added to make it 600!

If you earned 200 Credits normally, you would get 300 instead including the 50% Ranked Bonus, plus 150 Credits from the Credit Weekend to make 450. THEN if you had a Credit Booster it would double to 900!

June 28th Fine Tuning Update

From this week we're going to be testing out more regular fine tuning releases, to tackle bugs and make small changes between our larger feature updates.

This zero downtime update was to fix a couple of issues and improve Ranked match balance.

User Interface

  • Fixed bug where different XP scores were shown between the end of the game and post-game Lobby
  • Fixed bug where Credits Boosters could not be activated
    • Credit Boosters are now re-enabled in the Store
  • Fixed bug where you could Craft a Loadout Card for an incorrect Merc
  • Fixed bug where Friends playing Ranked were shown to be in the main menu and not in a match

Text and Localization

  • Fixed bug where 'Character Detail' and 'Animation Quality' used the same tool-tip description
  • Fixed bug where in some languages the amount of XP left until your next level didn't fit the tool-tip


  • Updated Ranked Matchmaking algorithm to improve match balance
    • This will make queue times slightly longer, however we're keeping a close eye on this and will adjust accordingly

Obsidian Operatives Update

Suit up and boot up, Mercs!

Along with a Ranked Points weekend, today's update brings some minor fixes, and some not-so-minor additions to the game.

Obsidian Operatives

For the next two weeks, something special is hitting the Store.

Ever since Dirty Bomb was kickstarted by Founders buying packs to support the game, players have requested more impactful skin changes for their Mercs. Today we're taking a first step towards fully realizing this with the launch of a new Loadout Card line - Obsidian Operatives.

Arty, Stoker and Fletcher are getting their own preset Obsidian Loadout Cards, complete with leather jackets, facemasks and high-tech sportswear. These suited-up Mercs will make you the talk of London, so get them while they're available!

Find them in the Dirty Bomb Store, individually or as a bundle, until the 6th of July.

Ranked Season 3 Additions

Several new items have been added to the Ranked Store, giving you more to fight for and boosters to get you there faster.

Battle Hardened Trinket

Do you burn through Ranked Points like they were going out of style? Introducing the Battle Hardened Trinket, a shiny reminder of your Ranked Dedication.

This Trinket bursts apart with a glowing rage when you inspect it, and highlights your kills in the killfeed for other players. Purchase it for Ranked Points in the Ranked Store.

Ranked Boosters

Ranked Boosters can now be purchased in the Ranked Store. These premium items increase your base Ranked Point earnings by 50%, and continue to operate during Ranked Point Weekend events to double your earn rate - So this weekend is the best place to start!

Unlike Credit Boosters, Ranked Boosters work in real-time rather than match-time. Because of this, Ranked Boosters last for a number of days rather than hours.

They are still active in the down-time between Ranked Seasons, so be careful when purchasing close to the end of the Season.

Other Changes

  • Missions for the Execution game mode will no longer appear. Existing Execution Missions can still be completed
  • Added the Starter Pack DLC's to a 'Deals' tab in the Store

Ranked Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where it was possible to purchase more than one Aura Obsidian Loadout Card
  • Fixed bug where Ranked Season 3 Case drops were not displayed in the post-game review
  • Fixed bug where it was possible to discover enemy players' names in the lobby by muting them
  • Fixed bug where changes made in pre-game lobbies would not save

Gameplay Bug Fixes

  • Fixed exploit where Sparks’ REVIVR could be fired without a cooldown (in an earlier hotfix)
  • Fixed bug where Vote-Kicked players were banned permanently on a server. They can now join again after the end of the match
  • Fixed bug where kicked players could rejoin a match in some instances
  • Fixed bug where players were not warned of an impending AFK vote kick. They are now presented with a warning 40s into AFK
  • Fixed bug where players could sometimes get stuck in a throwing loop until all throwables were depleted

Known Issues

  • Activating Credit Boosters is more difficult than it should be, though you can still activate a Credit Booster by double clicking it, then selecting 'Activate'. Credit Boosters have been removed from the Store until this issue is fixed in an update on Tuesday 27th June.

What do you think of the new skins? Sound out on the Official Forums.

Extra Ranked Points Weekend - Now Over

Want to fast-track scoring that Limited Edition Ranked Season 3 content? This weekend is your best opportunity! From Thursday until Monday, get 50% extra Ranked Points in every Ranked match you play.

Ranked Boosters can now be bought in the Store - If you equip one this weekend you'll earn double Ranked Points until the end of the event!


  • London (GMT, UTC): 11:00 Thursday, June 22 - 11:00 Monday, June 26
  • Los Angeles (PDT, UTC-7): 3:00 AM Thursday, June 22 - 3:00 AM Monday, June 26
  • Sydney (AEST, UTC+10): 8:00 PM Thursday, June 22 - 8:00 PM Monday, June 26

Crafting Week - Now Over

Edit - The Great Crafting Week Competition has begun!

On top of all the in-game savings in this week's Crafting Event, you can win one of three prizes of 15 Crafting Kits & 10 Elite Cases!

To enter the competition just follow this link, where you can decide how to increase your chances of winning. Competition ends on Tuesday 20th June.

Welcome to Crafting Week - a full week of bonuses to help you Craft the cards you're after. Here's what's going down:

Crafting Week

  • London (BST, UTC+1): 11:00 Thursday, June 15th - 11:00 Thursday, June 22nd
  • Los Angeles (PDT, UTC-7): 03:00 Thursday, June 15th - 03:00 Thursday, June 22nd
  • Sydney (AEST, UTC+10): 20:00 Thursday, June 15th - 20:00 Thursday, June 22nd

Increased Fragments When Recycling

Throughout Crafting Week, recycling Loadout Cards will grant you at least 20% additional Fragments. 

RarityCurrent ValueCrafting Week Value
Lead 15 20
Iron 45 55
Bronze 135 165
Silver 540 660
Gold 2,150 2,620
Cobalt 13,000 15,720

Reduced Fragments cost when Crafting

Whenever you Craft a Loadout Card during Crafting Week, the Fragment cost will be reduced by ~20%.

RarityCredits OR
Crafting Kits
Current Fragments to CraftCrafting Week Fragments
Iron 500 N/A 45 35
Bronze 1,500 N/A 165 130
Silver 5,000 1 700 550
Gold 25,000 5 2,500 1,950
Cobalt 50,000 10 20,000 15,720

Combined with these reduced Crafting Costs, Recycling a Cobalt Loadout Card will give you enough Fragments to Craft a new one for the price of Credits alone!

Reduced Crafting Kit Cost

We're also reducing the cost of Crafting Kits in the Store by ~45% during Crafting Week, which will allow you to Craft on the cheap while saving your Credits.

ItemBulk Discount RateValueCurrent PriceEvent PriceEvent Discount
1x Crafting Kit 0 $0.99 $0.99 $0.59 ~40%
5x Crafting Kits ~9% $4.95 $4.49 $2.49 ~45%

10x Crafting Kits 
(best value)

~19% $9.90 $7.99 $4.49 ~44%

So get crafting, before time runs out!

Ranked Season 3

It's time to get your hands dirty.

Ranked Season 3 runs for the next three months, ending on the 12th of September. Now's the time to jump back into the mode Dirty Bomb was built for, with a load of improvements and brand new content.

So prime yourself for hardcore 5v5 matches with friendly fire and team collision enabled, now with the ability to party up with 1 to 4 of your friends. No one ever said life would be easy, but if you want improve your twitch skills and team tactics, there's no better place to start.

Get Ranked

To begin your competitive journey, you must be at Level 7. When you enter the new Season, you'll battle through ten placement matches to determine your starting Rank.

Your placement is affected by where you ended up in Season 2, but if you're fresh to Ranked these ten games will be the proverbial sorting hat for your starting position.

Ranked Points

New Starter Packs Out Now

Looking to jumpstart your Mercenary career?

For the first time ever, you can unlock up to 15 Mercs and a load of extra gear in three brand new DLC packs on the Steam Store.

With each pack saving you a wad of cash, now's the best time to get stuck in. Check them out below:

Classic Starter Pack - US$19.99 (save 50%)

Save 50% with five of London's finest Mercs, and a stack of Cases, Credits and Boosters to boot.

  • 5 Mercs
  • 5 Golden Equipment Cases
  • 6 hour Credit Booster
  • 15,000 Credits

View the Classic Starter Pack on Steam

Advanced Starter Pack - US$34.99 (save 60%)

Save 60% when you load up and ship out ten of the world's deadliest Mercs, alongside a truckload of Cases, Credits and Boosters.

  • 10 Mercs
  • 10 Golden Equipment Cases
  • 12 Hour Credit Booster
  • 20,000 Credits

View the Advanced Starter Pack on Steam

Elite Starter Pack - US$49.99 (save 70%)

Save 70% when you unleash this army of death-dealing Mercenaries with a shipment of Elite Cases, Credits, and Boosters. Flex a fully tactical approach to your attack in London.

  • 15 Mercs
  • 4 Elite Cases
  • 15 Golden Equipment Cases
  • 18 Hour Credit Booster
  • 25,000 Credits

View the Elite Starter Pack on Steam