News / Phoenix Obsidian Operative Update

Phoenix Obsidian Operative Update

This update includes the brand new Obsidian Operative Phoenix, and a fix for an issue that's been live since the launch of Casual Matchmaking.

Phoenix Obsidian Operative

The unkillable Spaniard rises again!

Phoenix's Obsidian Operative Loadout Cards are in Store NOW.

This fiery new outfit features a helmet, med bag and gloves, and a brand new weapon skin.

Three Loadout Cards featuring each of Phoenix's primary weapons will be available for two weeks - Buy them individually, or save over 50% with the full set which includes the Merc himself.

Get in before they disappear on October 11!

Matchmaking UI Fix

We've also added a fix for a fairly major issue that's been present since the launch of Casual Matchmaking. If your experience improves after this fix, we'd love to hear from you!

  • Fixed a bug where the UI could freeze entirely while Matchmaking, requiring players to terminate the game. All other players would also be kicked back to the matchmaking queue.