News / September 4th Fine Tuning Update

September 4th Fine Tuning Update

In this Fine Tuning Update, we're continuing to clean up some of the issues that have arisen since the launch of Casual Matchmaking, and have added a few new UI tweaks.


  • Temporarily changed the in-game font for localisation testing in more languages
    • This change will affect all players temporarily - In a future update, fonts will change depending on the language chosen by the player
  • Players will now automatically announce in chat when changing Merc, to keep teammates informed
    • This is the first iteration of this system, and will be improved with future updates
  • Altered the colors in the Play menu, so that Casual Mode better aligns with the game's visual language
  • Players using quick chat commands will now have their V-say combinations displayed in the chat
  • Slightly increased the font size for items in the Home Screen, Store, and Scoreboard in the Post-Game Lobby
  • Added Active Missions to the Profile tab at the bottom left of the menus, allowing you to view them from the In-Game Lobby

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where the in-game font would not support Chinese characters
  • Fixed bug where the screen could briefly be obstructed by the gun when spawning
  • Fixed bug where players would remain in the matchmaking search for a short period after closing the game
  • Fixed bug where it was difficult to see Javelin’s rocket when firing her Rocket Launcher straight ahead
  • Fixed bug where Commander voice lines would not play when destroying pylon A on Dome
  • Fixed bug where Javelin’s Smart Ammunition Armor ability was not always disabled by Phantom’s EMP
  • Fixed bug where the Shar-C reload animation was not playing correctly in third person
  • Fixed bug where the Tactical Combat Axe would clip into Javelin’s hands
  • Fixed bug where the scoreboard was not sorted by XP in the post-game lobby
  • Fixed bug where team chat would appear in the wrong color in the pre-game lobby
  • Fixed bug where players were sometimes prompted to “accept” Casual Matchmaking games
  • Fixed bug where players could not change Mercs in a ranked lobby
  • Fixed bug where the Update Notification pop up was overlapped by the Play Button
  • Fixed bug where player names would disappear from the chat messages in the post-game lobby
  • Fixed bug where players could get stuck in a searching-for-match state
  • Fixed bug where more than 6 players could join a party
  • Fixed bug where Vote to surrender would be enabled after 3 min instead of 5 min

Known issues

  • Chat will not pop up telling players why matchmaking searches are cancelled
    • This can happen when searching with a penalty, or if no servers are found
  • There are some font kerning and alignment issues in certain languages, along with some broken characters
    • Font changes in a future update will resolve these issues
  • Javelin's Axe hitbox is incorrectly aligned, making melee attacks difficult
  • When players switch Merc, they also announce it to the opposing team
  • Merc switch announcements appear as chat, rather than system messages