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The First Edition Week Update

The results are in! With the Shell Shock Event ending today, Proxy's new eye has been decided and Turtle will soon be getting to work. We've also got a new event for you to sink your teeth into, and the release of a long awaited trinket...

Proxy's CoreSEC Cyber Eye

Today marks the end of the Shell Shock Event. Over the last three weeks, you've worked your way towards picking your favourite new skin for Proxy...

If you bought a Cyber Eye Event Case, Proxy's Limited Edition Loadout Card will be with you next week.

We're also making a visual change to better reflect Loadout Card release dates, giving all First Edition Proxy Loadouts her original, two-eyed look.

This means that Proxy will have a few visual variants in the game:

First Edition Loadout Cards: Original, two eyed Proxy

Second Edition Loadout Cards: Bandaged Proxy

Cyber Eye Limited Edition Loadout Cards (and Third Edition, on release): Cyber Eye Proxy

With the changes coming to Proxy's First Edition Skin, we're celebrating by launching 'First Edition Week' today.

First Edition Week

For the next week, you'll have the chance to craft First or Second Edition Loadout Cards for any Merc. This means that Loadout Cards with different augment sets, and Proxy's original two-eyed look, will be available in all rarities, rather than just Bronze.

You'll also be able to buy First Edition Cases and Case Bundles in the Store, to quickly bulk out your options.

First Edition Crafting Week starts today, so start stocking up on Fragments and Credits to Craft that original skin Proxy Cobalt!

  • London (GMT, UTC): 11:00 Wednesday, August 2nd - 11:00 Thursday, August 10th
  • Los Angeles (PDT): 03:00 Wednesday, August 2nd - 03:00 Thursday, August 10th
  • Sydney (AEDT): 20:00 Wednesday, August 2nd - 20:00 Thursday, August 10th

Taco Trinket

It's. Finally. Here. We promised you a Taco Trinket at 30,000 YouTube subscribers and we're delighted to say that we've passed that magic mark.

From today until the 15th of August you'll get the Taco Trinket for free when you load up Dirty Bomb. After that, it'll cost you 15,000 credits.

Casual Matchmaking Tests

In last week's Fine Tuning Update, we mentioned a lot of 'under the hood' work for the future release of Casual Matchmaking.

With some more tweaks introduced today, we're in a position to start running live tests. Rather than running a full-scale worldwide test, we'll be running several smaller, region specific tests to give us better quality data.

Over the next few weeks we'll be running these tests, and announcing them on our Social Channels shortly before they go live. Like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter to stay in the loop.

If you experience issues when playing during a test, we'd love to hear from you. Simply click the 'Report a bug' button at the bottom of the Home Screen in-game, or leave your feedback on the Bug Megathreads on the Official Forums or Reddit.

But what is Casual Matchmaking?

In a nutshell, Casual Matchmaking is a system that gauges your skill level over time, to put you into matches that will give you the best possible experience.

Casual Matchmaking will be the future of Dirty Bomb, replacing 'Quick Join' as the way to find and join matches. It should both improve match balance, and allow you to Party Up with 1-5 of your friends.

Some of the changes we've made since the last test are -

  • The addition of 'back-filling', allowing players that drop out of matches to be replaced.
  • A complete overhaul of the netcode and UI code, giving us flexibility with future functionality

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where the game could crash when using Arty’s Artillery Designator
  • Fixed bug where the game could crash if a player joined a server just as the match ended
  • Fixed bug where Phoenix’s Healing Pulse was missing effects
  • Fixed bug where players could get disconnected from a Ranked server
  • Fixed bug where enemy player names were visible in Ranked
  • Fixed bug where debug text was visible in Ranked lobbies
  • Fixed bug where players were unable to join password protected servers
  • Fixed bug where the ‘Disconnect’ and ‘Lock In’ button were out of place in lobbies
  • Fixed bug where clicking on the ‘Go to store’ button on Ranked Cases would highlight the wrong item
  • Fixed bug where Aimee’s default Loadout Card did not display her holding a gun
  • Fixed bug where the Gold Operative Case would appear as locked

Known Issues

  • Special Edition Proxy Loadout Cards released before the introduction of Second Edition Loadout Cards still have her 'bandaged' look. In a future update, we'll be changing these to her original, two eyed look.

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