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Hexadic Trinket Earning Boost

We wanted to thank everyone who took part in the Bonus Hexad Weekend! How are we doing that? By giving you even more Hexads.

From now until the end of the Shell Shock Event (Tuesday 1st August, 11:00 GMT), we're boosting the Hexadic Trinket's bonus earnings from 50% to 100% - effectively doubling your Hexad drops at the end of every single match!

And that's not all; we are also doubling the bonus you give and receive from other players from 5% to 10%. This means that a 10 player server, each with a Hexadic Trinket, will earn 300% the base rate of Hexads!

If you haven't picked one up yet, it's not too late - You can get the Hexadic Trinket in the Store right now for just £3.99 / US$5.00. You can also grab boosters from the store to increase your chance of Shell Shock Event Case drops!


If you have the Hexadic Trinket equipped, you'll earn 20 Hexads when a match is complete instead of 10. If everyone on your server has one equipped you'll earn 30!