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Extra Hexads Weekend - Now Over

On the hunt for some exclusive Shell Shock loadouts? Looking to earn some extra Hexads? This weekend is the perfect time to play.

Extra Hexads Weekend

From Friday until Monday, get 20% extra Hexads in every match you play. If you have the Hexadic Trinket you'll earn an additional 50%, and also you'll boost everyone else in your server's drops by 5% (up to an additional 50%). So the more of you that have the Hexadic Trinket, the more you earn!

You can also grab boosters from the store to increase your chance of Shell Shock Event Case drops!


  • London (GMT, UTC): 11:00 AM Friday, July 21 - 11:00 AM Monday, July 24
  • Los Angeles (PDT, UTC-7): 4:00 AM Friday July 21 - 4:00 AM Monday, July 24
  • Sydney (AEST, UTC+10): 9:00 PM Friday, July 21 - 9:00 PM Monday, July 24


If you earn 10 Hexads when a match is complete you'll now earn 12. If you have a Hexadic Trinket equipped you'll earn 18, and if everyone else on your server has one you could earn 24!