September 14th Fine Tuning Update

Font fixes and matchmaking updates round out this Fine Tuning Update.

Matchmaking Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Loosened the skill requirements for backfilling so empty slots are filled more quickly
  • Reduced AFK kick times to 40s/90s (from 50s/120s)
    • This is to get backfill players into matches as quickly as possible while allowing time for the AFK player to continue playing
  • Fixed bug where players could be dropped out of matchmaking after successfully finding a match
  • Fixed bug where a Party would be unable to find a match if a player was disconnected while searching


  • Merged fonts to bring back the previous font for Latin languages, resolving kerning and alignment issues
    • This also resolves characters not appearing correctly for various Eastern-European languages, and reduces memory usage during gameplay

Merc Rotation: Fletcher, Stoker & Thunder

It's time for another Merc Rotation!


Fletcher Merc Role Call from the Official Youtube Channel

Immaculately stylish Nigerian combat engineer guy: efficient, impeccable, maybe just a bit arrogant, he's a swaggering salesman for his own services. Perhaps his self-confidence will rub off on his teammates. But can anyone really be as good as Fletcher claims he is?


Stoker Merc Role Call from the Official Youtube Channel

Each trade has their longstanding professional dilemmas. Every Fire Support officer wonders if one day, sooner or later, they'll have to call in an airstrike on their own position to save the rest of their unit. Not a decision to be taken lightly, and particularly not with White Phosphorus. It was, apparently, a decision Stoker was happy to make. When he talks about what incendiary explosives can do, listen to him. He knows what he's talking about.


Thunder Merc Role Call from the Official Youtube Channel

Thunder tells anyone who'll listen (and you really have no choice, THE DUDE'S LOUD) that he's ex-Spetsnaz. He's kind of vague on precisely which unit, or where he served, but he's so useful under fire that nobody gets too worked up. His English really is very good, if heavily accented. In fact, no one has ever actually heard him speak or seen him read Russian, including Sparks, who definitely does. Her theory? A lot of passports suddenly became available in the chaos that followed the Dirty Bomb attacks, providing some with an irresistible chance for a clean slate... So, he's Thunder and he's Russian. Got it? Good.

Ranked Season 3 Ends Soon

Time is running out, with Ranked Season 3 ending on the 12th of September at the following times:

London (BST, UTC +1): 12:00 PM Tuesday, September 12

Los Angeles (PDT, UTC-7): 04:00 AM Tuesday, September 12

Beijing (CST, UTC+8): 19:00 PM Tuesday, September 12

Sydney (AEST, UTC+10): 21:00 PM Tuesday, September 12

Within 24 hours of the end of Ranked Season 3, you'll receive a Trinket and extra Ranked Points for the highest Rank you attained.

Please note that that the maximum cap of 6000 Ranked Points will still apply, so make sure you spend enough Ranked Points to guarantee your full payout before the season ends.

The Ranked Season 3 Store will remain open until the start of the next season, to give you a chance to purchase Ranked 3 items with your extra Ranked Points.

Crafting Week Now On

Welcome to Crafting Week - a full week of bonuses to help you Craft the cards you're after. Here's what's going down:

Crafting Week

  • London (BST, UTC+1): 09:00 Wednesday, September 6 - 09:00 Tuesday, September 12
  • Los Angeles (PDT, UTC-7):01:00 Wednesday, September 6 - 01:00 Tuesday, September 12
  • Beijing (CST, UTC+8): 16:00 Wednesday, September 6 - 16:00 Tuesday, September 12
  • Sydney (AEST, UTC+10):18:00 Wednesday, September 6 - 18:00 Tuesday, September 12

Increased Fragments When Recycling

Throughout Crafting Week, recycling Loadout Cards will grant you at least 20% additional Fragments. 

RarityCurrent ValueCrafting Week Value
Lead 15 20
Iron 45 55
Bronze 135 165
Silver 540 660
Gold 2,150 2,620
Cobalt 13,000 15,720

Reduced Fragments cost when Crafting

Whenever you Craft a Loadout Card during Crafting Week, the Fragment cost will be reduced by ~20%.

RarityCredits OR
Crafting Kits
Current Fragments to CraftCrafting Week Fragments
Iron 500 N/A 45 35
Bronze 1,500 N/A 165 130
Silver 5,000 1 700 550
Gold 25,000 5 2,500 1,950
Cobalt 50,000 10 20,000 15,720

Combined with these reduced Crafting Costs, Recycling a Cobalt Loadout Card will give you enough Fragments to Craft a new one for the price of Credits alone!

Reduced Crafting Kit Cost

We're also reducing the cost of Crafting Kits in the Store by ~45% during Crafting Week, which will allow you to Craft on the cheap while saving your Credits.

ItemBulk Discount RateValueCurrent PriceEvent PriceEvent Discount
1x Crafting Kit 0 $0.99 $0.99 $0.59 ~40%
5x Crafting Kits ~9% $4.95 $4.49 $2.49 ~45%

10x Crafting Kits 
(best value)

~19% $9.90 $7.99 $4.49 ~44%

So get crafting, before time runs out!

Merc Rotations: Now Every Week!

The past few months have seen some of the most rapid changes to Dirty Bomb in its development history, and we've got another one coming this week.

From this Wednesday, we're moving to weekly Free Rotations, effectively doubling the number of Mercs you can try out for free every month!

With the change, the game should feel fresher week-to-week, and show newer players a broader range of Mercs faster.

Nader, Proxy and Sawbonez are your first weekly rotation - We hope you enjoy the change!


Nader Merc Role Call from the Official Youtube Channel

When Nader left the army, she thought she’d never fire a weapon again. She studied business law. Graduated with honors. Moved to London with her wife to set up a business arbitration and mediation consultancy. Then came the Dirty Bomb incident, the evacuation, and an invasion of PMC contractors vying for government contracts. Right woman, right job, right place, right time, right? So it came as a shock to all concerned when she went back to field work. Why? She can’t completely explain it. It’s not the money (magnificent). It’s not the risk (considerable). It’s about being all you can be, not settling for a safe alternative, even if the riskier alternative can be, well, lethal. And you thought YOU had a hard time explaining your decisions to your significant other.


Proxy Gameplay and Review by Kandyrew

Quick-witted, impatient, naturally competitive, Proxy thrives under pressure. A native Londoner, she saved her family from the Dirty Bomb contamination by swiftly improvising a CBRN filtration system from bin liners, a domestic vacuum cleaner, and duct tape. She's proved just as resourceful on the battlefield, making her one of the most in-demand combat engineers working today, despite a revenge-driven run-in with Aimee leaving her with a single operational eye.


Dirty Bomb: All About Sawbonez by TheKoolaidLine

There are many ways to be dishonorably discharged from the US Army Medical Corps, but anaesthetizing your commanding officer and surgically removing one of his kidneys to save the life of a lowly private soldier is surely one of the more elaborate. Sawbonez never did think red tape went well with a white coat.

September 4th Fine Tuning Update

In this Fine Tuning Update, we're continuing to clean up some of the issues that have arisen since the launch of Casual Matchmaking, and have added a few new UI tweaks.


  • Temporarily changed the in-game font for localisation testing in more languages
    • This change will affect all players temporarily - In a future update, fonts will change depending on the language chosen by the player
  • Players will now automatically announce in chat when changing Merc, to keep teammates informed
    • This is the first iteration of this system, and will be improved with future updates
  • Altered the colors in the Play menu, so that Casual Mode better aligns with the game's visual language
  • Players using quick chat commands will now have their V-say combinations displayed in the chat
  • Slightly increased the font size for items in the Home Screen, Store, and Scoreboard in the Post-Game Lobby
  • Added Active Missions to the Profile tab at the bottom left of the menus, allowing you to view them from the In-Game Lobby

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where the in-game font would not support Chinese characters
  • Fixed bug where the screen could briefly be obstructed by the gun when spawning
  • Fixed bug where players would remain in the matchmaking search for a short period after closing the game
  • Fixed bug where it was difficult to see Javelin’s rocket when firing her Rocket Launcher straight ahead
  • Fixed bug where Commander voice lines would not play when destroying pylon A on Dome
  • Fixed bug where Javelin’s Smart Ammunition Armor ability was not always disabled by Phantom’s EMP
  • Fixed bug where the Shar-C reload animation was not playing correctly in third person
  • Fixed bug where the Tactical Combat Axe would clip into Javelin’s hands
  • Fixed bug where the scoreboard was not sorted by XP in the post-game lobby
  • Fixed bug where team chat would appear in the wrong color in the pre-game lobby
  • Fixed bug where players were sometimes prompted to “accept” Casual Matchmaking games
  • Fixed bug where players could not change Mercs in a ranked lobby
  • Fixed bug where the Update Notification pop up was overlapped by the Play Button
  • Fixed bug where player names would disappear from the chat messages in the post-game lobby
  • Fixed bug where players could get stuck in a searching-for-match state
  • Fixed bug where more than 6 players could join a party
  • Fixed bug where Vote to surrender would be enabled after 3 min instead of 5 min

Known issues

  • Chat will not pop up telling players why matchmaking searches are cancelled
    • This can happen when searching with a penalty, or if no servers are found
  • There are some font kerning and alignment issues in certain languages, along with some broken characters
    • Font changes in a future update will resolve these issues
  • Javelin's Axe hitbox is incorrectly aligned, making melee attacks difficult
  • When players switch Merc, they also announce it to the opposing team
  • Merc switch announcements appear as chat, rather than system messages

WIN one of three Firestorm Starter Packs!

We recently released three brand new Starter Packs which come with a selection of awesome content. The premier of those is the Firestorm Starter Pack, which is worth over $40!

To win one of these three starter packs which includes 15 Mercs, 6 Elite Cases and more, just follow this link, where you can decide how to increase your chances of winning.

Merc Rotation: Aimee, Fragger & Turtle

It's time for another Merc Rotation! Turtle makes his Merc Rotation debut:


Aimee Merc Role Call from the Official Youtube Channel

Would you die for fashion? Aimee almost did, acting as a bodyguard to designer powerhouse Max Bashki when his skull was punctured by a high powered rifle in his Paris apartment. Wrongfully accused of his murder and on the run from the law, Aimee went rogue and narrowed the suspects down to Max's bona fide killer - Proxy, a Mercenary in London. Her revenge was short lived, however, when Proxy revealed the true nature of the crime at gunpoint...


Fragger Gameplay and Review by Kandyrew

Fragger’s commanding officer described him as “really, REALLY good at soldiering." Always at the sharp end of urban operations that required guts at both ends of the bayonet, he received multiple decorations for outstanding bravery. Civilian life, alas, proved less rewarding. His old comrades would ask what he did after leaving the army and he’d have no choice but to admit he was mainly working as a motion capture performer for computer games. Now he’s back where his tactical skills are more directly applicable: kicking down doors and taking names.


Turtle Merc Role Call from the Official Youtube Channel

After losing his arm on the battlefield and developing an addiction to painkillers most people would be down on their luck. This Turkish combat engineer, however, rebuilt his from scratch and is now looking for a second chance on the streets of London, once hearing about a lucrative dispute between Jackal and the CDA from his old ‘friend’ Phoenix.

Jump in and check out the rotation now.

The Javelin Update

A Norwegian death dealer, a redone Dome, a bevy of new rewards, and the ability to Party Up with your friends in Casual matches; We present The Javelin Update.